Reviews for the Blind, Deaf, and Dumb

Or just those looking for some entertainment...

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[xx]This community is your worst nightmare (or a good dream, depending on who you are...). A place to taunt celebrities and obsess over bands and to hate Bush and all he stands for (we're not saying you have to, we're just saying it earns you major brownie points...)

[xx]Basically, Blindreviews is a community to write reviews (obviously) on movies you've seen, television shows you watch when it's raining outside, celebrities you love (or even better, celebrities you hate), video games, cd's you've bought, websites, serial murderers, comic books and other books you've read, poetry and genre's of music and artists your friends've shoved down your throat.

The Application!


List the Following:

5 Movies
5 Songs that describe your life
5 Artists/Bands
5 Books
5 Websites

Complete and Utter Randomness

Bush, Kerry, Sharpton, or Lieberman?
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
What's your most embarassing moment you can remember?
Why do you think you should be accepted to this community?

PROMOTE to at least one journal and one community. Don't break any rules, though. Be nice.

Give us a picture... of anything. Yourself, your favorite book, movie, movie star. Just tell us what it is and it's significance to you. No naughty pictures, though... Then we'll have to ban you. That wouldn't be fun... Just keep it PG-13...

Accepted/Rejected Banners:
We'll be getting these up as soon as we can... In other words, as soon as Miss Sammie, beloved mod, gets her butt back in gear and gives me the linkeh thang.

1. You must join the community and post your application under a LJ cut. Then the members will proceed with voting on the applications. You must get 60% of the votes to get accepted. If you are not accepted you may try once more in a week. If you are rejected you will be deleted from the community. The voting will go on for two days (maybe more, no impatience or complaining, that'll get you banned) and after said amount of time one of the mods will put up a banner saying that you've been either accepted or rejected.
2. You must post at least once a week.
3. Put your reviews under a LJ cut.
4. No criticizing other members' opinions, reviews or what they review.
5. Where it says Poop on the App, put cola... If you do not, your application will be deleted and you'll have to wait a week to try again.
6. Use correct grammar and spelling.
7. No excessive swearing. Some's allowed, but... Like the app. says... Keep it PG-13.
8. If you are for some unfortunate reason leaving the community you must say so in a post so we know who is leaving.

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