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Dirty Dancing *rwar*

The Intro!
I'm Reviewing: Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
Which is a: Movie
Rating: 9

Basics: This movie was sort of a spoof of the original Dirty Dancing with the sexy Patrick Swazye.  I had heard mixed reviews from friends, and decided to try it out for myself.  Besides that, Diego Luna, the sexy latin star, played the lead male, and I just couldn't resist to goggle at his impecable body.

The Plot: I like it.  It kept you interested in what would happen next, and you didn't get all bored and stuff.  Although the ending was kind of blunt, they could have shown more and gone farther with the story.  It kind of left me on a cliff hanger, wondering what would happen next. 

Pros: Sexy boys is always a plus.  Great choreography and music, good pace with the storyline, very entertaining, and also a very hot love scene.  I loved seeing Diego Luna without his shirt on. 

Cons: The lead actress was kinda icky, she seemed to over dramatize things, which took away from the feel of the movie.  She made it feel very rehearsed...but she was a great dancer and made the love scene look fantastic. 

Conclusion: Doesn't really hold much to the original Dirty Dancing, but if you had not seen that, and were just seeing this one for the first time, you would love it.  So I give it an 8.  I would definetely watch it again.

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