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Review: Jekyll and Hyde

Ok, so I couldn't think of anything else to review. But still, since no one has...

I'm Reviewing: Jekyll and Hyde
Which is a: Broadway musical
Rating: 9.5/10*

Basics: Musical adaptation of the classic R.L. Stevenson book, Jekyll and Hyde. 35 song musical (condensed to a 31 stage show and CD), 2 acts.

The Plot: For those who haven't read the book, it's about a man (Dr. Henry Jekyll) from upper-class London in the 1800's. Engaged to a beautiful woman (Emma Carew), things are going well for him. Except for the fact that his father is dying of a mentally disabling illness with no cure. So, being the good scientist of a son he is, he goes into his lab and devises a potion to regenerate his father's mental health. But the potion serves to bring about his darker side of emotions, the man named Edward Hyde. Chaos, sex, murders, and love run rampant.

+ HYDE! Ok, so I'm a major Hyde fan. Be it Cuccioli, Paul Nicholas, or even David Hasselhoff (Yes, I saw the HBO version :-P).. it's something about that sleazy hair that just.. Mmm. ;)
+THE SOUNDTRACK! Oh, my gaz.. if you were to throw the stage out the window and just have the actors sing the songs, it would still relay the story and all the emotions of the entire play. The music is so enthralling and mood-setting.. and the lyrics are poetic, yet relay the message.
+LYRICS! Ok, I mentioned the lyrics above, but they get their own section here. Go read the lyrics to 'Facade' 'Good 'N' Evil' and 'In His Eyes' and tell me those aren't hot songs. I dare you.

Cons: There are very few shows playing it now, and it's off broadway. So, it seems as if there won't be a chance to see it for a while :(

Conclusion: If you ever get a chance to see this musical, I would highly, /highly/ suggest you do. Or better yet, don't; send me the tickets! The broody, dark feel to it make it one of the classier new musicals, but it still has the flair and glitz we expect from Broadway.

*The reason the version I saw doesn't get a 10/10 is because of David Hasselhoff... I felt his J/H was a little weak. But if it's the only version available, it's still worth a watch.
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