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The Forgotten

The Review!

Title: The Forgotten

Which is a: Movie

Rating: 4/10

Basics: This movie looks really cool in the trailers, but my god.  Good for the first half hour.  I really wanted to see it, and while it was ok, it wasn't that good.

The Plot: The Forgotten is about Telly Paretta (Julianne Moore), who lost her nine year old son Sam fourteen months ago in a plane crash when she sent him to camp.  Suddenly all traces of Sam's existence disappear, and Telly must go on to find out why the hell her son has gone poof.  Good premise, but my god...  NO ALIENS!

Pros: As a thriller, it's good.  Lots of BAM and such, and it's got a few nice surprises.  Julianne Moore is also a god-like actress, she is very good.  And while her part was underdeveloped and stereotypical (FEMALE SCULLY!), she played it well.

Cons: Aliens.  No aliens.  NO MORE ALIENS.  The plot started out great, and then you see a UFO and say "Oh Shit" in unison with your friends.  Then it goes right downhill.

Conclusion: So-So, higher rating if the plot was executed better.  I liked it, but it was actually quite dumb at times.

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