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My first review! w00t!

I'm Reviewing: spelltoronto
Which is a: freaking awesome band
Rating: 9

Basics: San Diego based band, made up of four passionate drunk college kids.

Guitar- Jayce Molina
Vocals/Guitar- Jason De La Torre
Drums- Danny King
Bass- Ismael 'Chacho' Velazquez Jr.

Style: Think.. Matchbox 20 meets Dashboard Confessional with some yellowcard (minus the violin). Very.. punk, calrock (I think I just made the term calrock up. Jings)

Pros: AWESOME people. I actually met the band at Warped Tour and they gave me a whole bunch of free stuff and talked to me.. very personable and nice. Great stage presence, and awesome, passionate music. Good, poetic lyrics too.

Cons: Sounds like almost every other Calrock band ever. You'll swear you've heard the music before. Also one of those bands with the potential to make it big, (or 'sell out'.. and to underground junkies that's a con.)

Conclusion: Little screamy, and the sound has been done before.. but I definately suggest it if you like California rock or any kind of punk. Good nine. Good music.

Website: SpellToronto
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