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I'm doing one, yay!

The Intro!
I'm Reviewing: The Boy From Oz
Which is a: Soundtrack
Rating: 9

Basics: Recent broadway show, I really liked it.  It's a bio-show, and it stars Hugh Jackman as Peter Allen.  Stephanie J. Brock plays Liza Minnelli, Isabel Keating is Judy Garland, Jarrod Emick plays Greg O'Connor, and those are the major ones.  There's a lot of small roles thrown in there, but hey, they're not important.

The Plot: The story of the Boy From Oz is about Peter Allen, a bisexual composer/performer from Australia.  Played by Hugh Jackman, who does surprisingly well with the singing.  Oh yeah, plot.  Peter Allen is performing in a barbershop duo in Australia, where Judy Garland discovers him and brings him to New York with her to be his opening act.  There he meets Liza Minnelli, and poor Peter's life goes downhill from meeting Crazy Liza.  ;-)

Pros: Hugh Jackman's voice is beautiful.  I love his singing, but a much better singer is Stephanie J. Brock.  She plays Liza Minnelli, as mentioned above ^_^  Her voice is wonderful as well.  The music is kickass, especially in I Go To Rio.  Makes you want to dance like crazy hardcore.

Cons: Jarrod Emick. Me no like his voice. At all. I hate his voice. Hate Hate Hate it. That, and the Lives Of Me (opening song) is more of a long, boring piano solo. It's not a fun song. Conclusion: It's a good musical, and even though Jarrod Emick has a crappy voice he's only in a few songs. It's a wonderful show, Buy Today At Your Local Border's!
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