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You guys really need to promote. Put them in communities, your journal anywhere. Staple a sign to your grandma's forehead. That'll work, too.

The Intro!
I'm Reviewing: Underworld
Which is a: Movie
Rating: 3

Basics: A cheesy vampire verses the lycans (a.k.a werewolves for our oh-so-illiterate readers) movie that confused me and made me want to stop watching it.

The Plot: Eh. No. I don't really know what was going on. Something about creepy uv bulletts and old wrinkly vamp and human-healer-boy and blah blah blah. I lost track of it.

Pros: Hot guys. Hot guys. Hot guys. Oh, and the girl vamp had an awesome jacket and a cool accent.

Cons: Cheesy and unintentionally campy. The effects made me occasionally grin but otherwise I wanted to crush the screen. And... well, yeah. It wasn't very good.

Conclusion: Sucky. Don't watch it unless you aren't a vampire or lycan obsessor such as I. It'll piss you off and give you the urge to go kill things... Three all the way... Just cause of the hot guys.
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