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Hiya, trying to do the application thing like it says in the rules. Tell me if I'm doing anything wrong, of course. But I'm really, really skittish about putting my real name up on the internet- it's an intensely private thing for me, and one of the major anchors that separates the internet from real life from school from inside my head, and I hate getting my worlds scrambled up. Do I absolutely have to do so?

Name: Will Crow do? It's not a Goth thing, I promise. It's more of a scruffy weasle-with-wings-and-bad-PR thing.
Age: 16
Gender: technically female
Location: San Diego
Sexuality: more or less straight
Poop: Cola? Who decided that this had to be a requirement? Totaly killed the joke, guys.

5 Movies

-Triplets of Bellevue
-Wag the Dog
-I heart Hucabee's
-The Emperor's New Groove

5 Songs that describe your life

There are no songs that describe my life, save for 'Mammal' by They Might Be Giants, which is a song describing mammals. My life is utterly devoid of existentialist angst, any other kind of angst, love interests, hate interests, sex, or even much weirdness. I am content with things as they are, which makes for incredibly poor song material.


-Rene Magritte
-Hope Larson
-Vera Brosgol
-Dylan Meconis
-Charlie(Spike) Trotman


-They Might Be Giants
-Bare Naked Ladies
-Flogging Molly
-The Beatles
-Malice Meezers

5 Books

-Only You Can Save Mankind
-The Night Watch
-Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
-Ender's Game

5 Websites

My fan art:
My original art:
My former obsession:
My current idol:
Thing I have been giggling over all day:

Complete and Utter Randomness

Bush, Kerry, Sharpton, or Lieberman?

-Kerry most definitely. The democrats are spineless little worms but at least they aren’t the pit vipers the republican bigwigs are, and any other party has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anything done.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

-Moose Tracks- it's chocolate icecream with fudge swirlies and peanut-chocolate chunks and caramel and just a hell of a lot of other chocolate-related sugar products tossed in for good measure. Guaranteed to cause massive brain damage.

What's your most embarrassing moment you can remember?

-How about the time I was worried that the person I was chatting with was a creepy pervert guy so I pretended to be a college-age male myself? After I figure she's okay, I do a big dramatic confession thing, expecting her to be mad, pharase it like the little closet drama-queen that I am. Turns out she was a college age perfectly-normal girl, and knew I was lying out my ass the entire time. Damn good thing she was so nice about it.

Why do you think you should be accepted to this community?

-Um. You guys cut right to the point, dontcha? Well, I'm more or less literate. I assume this gets me points. I am neither sociopathic, sadistic, masochistic, psychotic, or homicidal, for all that I've got a soft spot for JTHM. I'd review that for you guys if I were accepted. I like this place- it's a cool idea, to write a bunch of reviews just for the hell of it, and I know a few things that could do with a few more watchers.

Back on topic...look, I have no idea what you guys want from me. I'm polite, I'm not all that funny but I can laugh at myself (I hope) I try to consider things for more than a few seconds although I have a short attention span, I read Terry Pratchett's work near-obsessively, I think that wearing all black is silly and pretentious although in moderation some black clothes are okay, I have one pair of sneakers, one pair of scuffed-up boots, and one pair of flip-flops and have no desire whatsoever to get any more, I love the color red although blood makes me queasy and gangs disgust me, I belong to neither the incrowd or the outcrowd, I rate my friend’s burps, I chew with my mouth closed.

Any of that help?

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