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An Introduction

As said in the profile (if you haven't read it go do so. NOW!) this is a community where you can basically review anything that's floating around out there.

Seeing as how the community's not open yet, if people need some form of entertainment, here's an example of how we work.


The Intro!
I'm Reviewing: Taking Lives
Which is a: Movie
Rating: 5

Basics: This movie was all it was cracked up to be... Which wasn't much. We rented it following a family friends reccomendation... boy did I want to smack her after I saw that blob of filth that was still in my dvd player.

The Plot: The plot was shaky and could've been knocked over by anyone with half of a brain... Basically it was just another chance for Angelina Jolie to get nekkid and have wild hot monkey sex with an ugly guy.

Pros: The only pro to watching this movie is the younger version of the stalker type guy. Very hot and he has a good voice, too. The movie started out promising and just declined from there on out.

Cons: Turns out the hot guy grew up to be Ethan Hawke. A great injustice to the younger version.

Conclusion So... Basically, rent this movie if your dog just died and you need something to laugh at...

The bolded subjects may change from subject to subject, but that's just the basic idea. Plot can be changed to Sound, etc, etc...


Note the first three things I put... these are the main introduction to your review.

Under 'I'm Reviewing:' put what you're reviewing. Whether it be Jennifer Lopez, the name of her latest single, the title of her latest movie or her biography (Does she have one yet? She will... I guarentee you...) or anything else... It'd look like this

I'm Reviewing: Jenny from the Block, Jennifer Lopez

Next, 'Which is a:' put what the thing is that you're reviewing... Um, well, I'm guessing (A prediction! Ooh, eerie, mystical doom!) these'll be the most popular categories...

Video Game

It isn't limited to that, cause, like I said, you can review basically anything you want to...

Oh, and, yes, you can do a persons journal, but get their permission first, thanks...

And then, the rating. The backbone of your review. Basically just put what you think your review-ee deserves. 10 being that you enjoyed the living hell out of it, 1 being that it made you cry like a little crack baby or fall asleep... Either one.

Then there's the actual review. Me and the mods (Who will be joining us soon enough, I expect) will be expecting you to make it at least into six parts with an introduction and a conclusion.

And well... Basically that's it. If you happen to have any questions, please, ask away. Instant message me or post in my journal.

One last thing, you can review anything once you're a member. If you haven't been accepted to the community via your application or as one of the first seven members, then you will be warned. If you continue to post, you'll be banned henceforth from this community.

Happy Trails.

<3 Your Mod,
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