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Wow, a post from moi. Anyways, I'm still trying to get a background for this damn thing. I'm trying to make other stuff as well. I guess it's still "under construction" but hey, as long as you can post stuff I'm sure this is fine.

I'm Reviewing: "Delores Claiborne" by Stephen King
Which is a: Book
Rating: 9

Basics: It's told in dialoge of one person the whole way through, and it's about how she's being questioned for the murder of a gal named Vera Donovan. The lady telling the story (which is Delores Claiborne) has a neato southern-ish accent and has a great way of describing things.

The Plot: I..think I just did this. Uh..well Delores has to explain her alibi mostly to the people questioning her, and mostly the whole town's against her because they pretty much can guess that she killed her husband awhile back. So she expalins pretty yummy detail.

Pros: Humourus (can't get enough of scary old fat ladys throwing fist-fulls of shit everywhere), Long (that is, if you like reading long big books), Interesting, and well..yeah.

Cons: If you read it for too long, your eyes start to hurt and you can't focus on what's happening..but I think that goes for every book.

Conclusion: Tastefully Good. A solid nine. Go read now.
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